Why? What is this crap?

Someone once said Ipswich 'looks like a plane carrying white goods and sofas exploded over it', which may sometimes have an element of accuracy to it, but we think it's missing the point.

Archaeologists learn about ancient civilizations partly by studying the garbage that they leave behind, and to a certain extent we share a common goal with these academics - we hope to find evidence of civilization here in Ipswich.

Ancient cultures expressed themselves through arts, and we believe that modern life may have stifled our society's ability to express itself through more traditional media like paint and sculpture, but we have noticed that our neighbours in Ipswich have developed an entirely new form of artistic expression, a people's art, 'street art' if you will.  Great artists create with whatever materials are abundant to them, which in Ipswich appears to mean they create with soft furnishings and white goods.

This blog exists to try and document the often fleeting nature of the new frontier of this brave new community-inclusive outsider art.  If you spot some street art in your part of Ipswich please get in touch.

Ipswich relics - the Caveat

There are several organisations who work very hard to keep Ipswich looking great, we salute them, this blog is NOT a comment on their work.  Lighten up!